Our wholesale policy depends on the quantity of products purchased and the total price of the order.

Volume discounts on products:

  • 15% - When buying more than 5 pieces
  • 30% - When buying more than 11 pieces
  • 50% - When buying more than 23 pieces

The minimum number of pieces for the product is individual and is indicated on the product detail.
Discounts are applied after exceeding the minimum number of pieces in the order.

Order price limit:

If the price limit of the order is exceeded, there is an additional discount for the entire order.

  • 5% - for purchases over €500
  • 10% - for purchases over €1,000
  • 15% - when purchasing for more than €5,000

Discounts are applied after exceeding the minimum order price limit.
Shipping costs vary depending on the volume of the order, for pallet shipments, the price is individual.

We will process your order carefully and as soon as possible.

We look forward to future cooperation.


Do you have any questions?

In this case, do not hesitate to contact us at the telephone number: +421 910 303 300 , or fill out the contact form.